An interview with the new Coach


- Why did you decide to give an offer to Richard?

-We wanted to change something, give a new impulse to the team, give a chance to an young coach with a high-quality coaching education and experience in big football. Rišo and I have known each other for years, every time he came to visit his parents in Slovakia we had coffee and we debated, not only about football. He saw our matches several times during the autumn, there were maybe 4-5 of them, he knew some players who interested him. And the last time we met, we immediately agreed on cooperation, but before that, he had to settle his obligations in Ústí nad Labem.

Branko Kovačič, President of FK Rača

- How did you get to train at FK Rača? 

- It was a bit too quick, but I'm glad that Branko Kovačič approached me and also because I grew up in Rača as a boy and started playing football here. I also know all the officials here, with whom I have sometimes played. While I was working in the second Czech League, I went to watch matches when I had time off and visited my family. Four weeks ago, Branko approached me with an offer to train the A-team at FK Rača. The club's vision and conditions matched my ideas, but I had to resolve my commitment while still in Ústí nad Labem, as I was bound by a contract at the club, but I am glad that they allowed me to become the head coach of the A-team at FK Rača, for which I am very happy.

- How do you rate your team?

- I have been with the team for a short time, practically less than 4 weeks. I already knew the team because I went to watch them and had some idea about them. I think there is a great potential in them that is not sufficiently awakened. This team is smart, perceptive, talented, and they are intelligent guys who understand football, and I rate it only positively, so we have somewhere to move forward together.

- What are your goals in FK Rača ? 

- So there are some set goals, there is often talk about the second league, about promotion. The team is in second place and loses two points to Ivanka before the spring part, but it's too early to talk about it. The main goal is to stay in 3rd place. Since there is going to be a reorganization of the 3rd league, everything that will be extra is of course a plus for the club and the guys know it, but you have to go from match to match and concentrate. However, only time will tell what will come, but you have to focus on each opponent that comes and go step by step.

Richard Stražan, Head Coach of FK Rača