Interview with the Head Coach of the A-team Richard Stražan before the new season 2022/2023.


1. How do you evaluate the short training period that we completed before entering the 2nd league, and how difficult was it for you and the guys, since we went without breaks? 

 - I rate it positively, even though not everything went completely easy, but the preparation really lasted 4 weeks and practically we had three weeks to build the team, choose the right players and integrate the players into the team. We started right 2 days after the last championship match in Pezinok, June 20th, so we immediately ordered friendly matches to play as much as possible and test the new players in the trial, which were really many. However, it was not easy, but despite everything, I evaluate it positively and I must say that the preparation went according to my expectations. We were able to undergo high-quality training also thanks to our leadership led by President Branko Kovačič, who ensured us sufficiently good conditions, for which we thank them.

2. As you already mentioned, despite the very short preparation, it was necessary to quickly supplement the squad with new players and let the boys play. How do you perceive the newly created team? 

- As I already mentioned, many players came for the test, not all of them of course passed, but we needed to choose the right types of players for our team, both in terms of football, but also in terms of people, which is also very important both on on or off the field. I am really satisfied with the players who joined our team - also with their attitude, whether in training, matches, or off the field. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by their approach and inclusion in the team and I am happy for them. We had to supplement it, as we knew that the 2nd league is about something else and some players who fought for this promotion knew that it might happen that someone would have to leave our team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guys who left us very much. For their attitude, during the whole period together, each one of them brought something to the team, so I thank them from the bottom of my heart and I believe that they will be successful in the next team as well. They are still young to be sad and you never know what will happen. It is possible that we will see some of them in the winter training, it is up to them.

3. What do you expect from the 2nd league? 

 - It is a completely different competition than we have played so far. I am convinced that if we go from match to match, step by step and prepare for each opponent honestly, I believe that we will be able to handle it and not be slapstick. Of course, we do not have big eyes and we will not say somewhere that we will play for the leading places. We want to show good football and attract our fans to the stadium, so that they too will be satisfied like last season and that they will be our 12th player on the pitch. So I believe that our fans in the second league will enjoy it together with us this year. We can also look forward to trips to Košice, where there is a nice stadium, but also to other matches. We are all really looking forward to it, but the 2nd league will be difficult. I believe and I am firmly convinced that we can do it. The Bratislava derby, which is already on the program for the third round with FC Petržalka and the same with Slovan, is also a big motivation. I believe that many people will come and that we will all really enjoy it and people will be satisfied with us. Thank you and keep your fingers crossed.

            - Richard Stražan, Head Coach FK Rača